About us


Buzybee is an ardent cake lover as much as you are. Every mix and bake is carefully crafted, using the finest ingredients. It’s our endeavour that each cake or muffin baked by us has a distinctive texture and taste.

Buzybee believes in tickling your love for home baked, naturally flavoured, mouth-watering yummy cakes and muffins that you have been longing for always. Our cakes and muffins are not just tasty, but will leave a memory so addictive that you will come back for more. We believe you are special and so our cakes and muffins are baked specially for you. Why? Because you deserve it!

Buzybee didn’t spurt from nowhere – the love and passion for baking cakes and muffins evolved over many years.   It started with the seasonal Plum cakes! Which our friends wait for – year after year.  Then on, slowly building up a battery of admirers of home baked cakes and muffins.

Being distraught by the over sweet and creamy cakes, Buzybee started baking simple natural flavoured cakes and muffins for the many who were on the lookout for such delights. Each cake is specially made to order, with the best ingredients available – without preservatives, enhancers or artificial flavours.

Be it dessert or with tea or a celebration….  A slice of cake and a taste of a muffin will leave you craving for more!

That’s the essence of us being around!

New Delhi – India