The Making of a Chocolate Chiffon Cake

The Chiffon Cake was invented by Harry Baker in 1927.

He kept the recipe a secret for 20 years!
But of course now we have it and it’s time to share it!
Here’s Buzybee’s twist to the Chiffon Cake…
A rich and moist chocolate cake with a layer of butter icing,
topped with chocolate sauce and a crunchy walnut praline.

1. Cut a moist chocolate cake into two.


C CH 01


2. Spreading Butter Chocolate icing on the lower part and covering


C CH 02


C CH 03


3. Pouring chocolate sauce over the cake


C CH 04


4. Powdering the walnut praline


C CH 05


5. Topping the cake with walnut praline


C CH 06


Now you get to try it and enjoy the rich chocolate flavor, the moist texture and the nutty crunch of the walnut praline!

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