Cakes and Muffins Galore!

The 10th of November 2012 was a day to remember in the diary of Buzybee! It was cakes and muffins galore as we put up a stall at our apartment –¬†Chocolate Walnut, Choco Nut, Lemon Bomb, Tutti Fruity, Banana Muffins, Red Velvet Muffins (these were the first to be sold out!) to name a few.¬†It was a bakers delight to have young and old come back for seconds.

It sure was a sweet encouragement for Buzybee!
Take a look at some of our baking…
Chocolate Walnut
CW 1
CW 2
Lemon Bomb
LM 1
Banana Muffins
BM 1
Our Stall
Dis 2
Dis 3

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